Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Voice recognition hates me

Well I finally broke out the voice recognition stuff & am trying to use it at the moment. Hopefully it’ll do better at recognizing my voice and I can actually use it instead of typing. My left elbow that I sublux’ed last week is hurting and I think of pinched the nerve. The pins & needles numbness down my arm and in my pinky, ring finger and palm is much worse than usual & it constantly feels like someone hitting my funny bone. The best part of all is that I can only “type” in word because for some reason Microsoft assumes that I have no need to “type” have anywhere else. So I have to “type” everything in word & then copy-paste in to whenever it is that I’m actually wanting to use.

It’s taken me 23 minutes to type this. Hopefully my elbow will feel better & I’ll be back to typing soon because if not in the go insane trying to use this voice recognition crap.

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