Thursday, August 21, 2008

More about Poland's Syndrome

Well it's just so hard to find info about Poland's & hard to find people talking about it. Most people who are talking about it are parents with an affected child, not adults who have it or they are people who are severely affected. So here are some further details about my PS & how it's effected my life.

I was dx'ed at birth because my pediatrician was familiar with PS. My hand is pretty noticeable if you're looking right at it, as was my chest. While I was in elementary school the only thing that was different about me from other kids is that I couldn't cross the monkey bars or do cartwheels. Aside from that my PS didn't have any real impact on my life. I would hold my right hand so that the fingers were curled under the palm, like a relaxed fist so they were hidden when I wasn't using my hand. Heck I still do this. Once I got to middle school/jr high life kinda became hell for me due largely to the PS. The other girls were getting breasts & I was getting a breast, yeah notice the lack of plural on that. I was never good in gym & had a lot a problems there, but once I was expected to change clothes so that the whole class (well all the girls) could see this? Oh hell no! I simply stopped taking gym most days & failed every year from 5th grade to 9th grade. The teacher would come stand next to me & make me change sometimes. I was mocked for my lack of breast on the right side almost everyday. If I knew then what I know now I would have made my mother pull me from school & do home school or just pull me from gym.

If you have a pre-teen who has PS please for the love of all things holy keep an eye on if they are being mocked & make sure to buy them some of those silicone breast forms, you can pick them really cheap. Also if they have swimming for gym find out if they want to take it, don't assume they will want to since they might like swimming &/or gym. If they don't want to take it get them excused. I was so horrible depressed during that time. I of course failed the scoliosis check each year. You'd think that if you fail once & it can't be corrected you'd be excused for the other years. What the hell is up with having to do that each year? I did I honestly wanted to die from dealing with the mocking & gym class. If you're a parent you kid may be fine in school, so this isn't want will happen, but it could.

In 9th grade I switched schools due to a move & I just skipped gym & was fine. I made sure to get an A in health & so I'd then make out with a barely passing D- for gym/heath since they were graded together. In 10th grade I switched to the Catholic school & there I was again fine. I flat out told my gym teacher I would not be taking gym & would not be changing. She would let me jog or jump rope in my regular clothes & would give me a D for that. I figured that was quite fair & did it. Add in my A in health & I was getting a high C. I eventually did find a good method for stuffing my bra & would change sometimes.

So there you have birth to the end of school, I'll do more stuff later including my breast reconstruction.

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