Saturday, February 20, 2010

I've been quiet

I feel like I had been defining myself by my illnesses rather than by who I am. I think it was part of my learning process. I was tired of all aspects of my life being disease & this blog is very much so that. I think what is best for me is to simply do a post once a month or so with what is going on in relation to my conditions. I found blogs talking about my conditions to be great as I was learning about being disabled & there aren't a ton of EDS ones & just about nothing on Poland's so I do want to keep charting things, but it's not so great mentally to have it be an everyday discussion.

EDIT: This was the last post I made on my disability blog. I had been posting a bit on a new blog that was mostly about craft stuff. In early 2011 I decided to merge the 2 blogs & every now & again moved a few posts at a time from the old blog to the new one.


Next year Beth will be old enough for kindergarten & I've no clue what to do. Not to be all spechul snoflayke about it, but the public school seems kinda ick. The teachers I've heard are great, but there are 22-24 kids per class with just one teacher. The "goals" of the year Beth can already do quite well. The local Catholic school would be great in terms of curriculum, but as we aren't Catholic & the tuition isn't in the budget at all that's probably out (I am going to talk to them just in case). Homeschool in theory is great, but I'd like a few hours a day by myself & she is a total extrovert so I do know she'd love going to school. Ugh.

No real point to this other than I just wanted to get this out of my head.