Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Gluten Stuff

Doing well with the gluten-free eating. I have found a few treats I am adoring, like my morning cinnamon roll

Got a favorite spaghetti

Found the best peanut butter cookies in the known world

Those are the type of foods I was most worried I would loose when I went gluten-free, but it turns out those were the easiest to replace with awesome stuff. The odd stuff I never thought about is what's been hard to fine perfect ones of. I still haven't found a BBQ sauce or a fake maple syrup that's perfect either. I never thought of gluten being in so many of these type of products, why does the cole slaw at KFC need gluten? Why does a salad dressing need gluten? The obvious stuff it turns out is crazy easy to replace with stuff just as tasty as any gluten product, but the other stuff is often made for multiple food allergies so the texture or taste might not be "right". Ah, well I've got the world's best gluten free store to shop in & they carry a ton of yummy things so I'm sure I'll find the perfect veggie soup & everything else soon.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Now with actual knitting content!

Finished 1 of the blue socks, now to get the other one going. Impressed the hell out of myself by doing the kitchnered toe from memory, didn't look it up at all. Pretty much did the whole sock that way, other than the cast-on number & needle size I just winged the whole thing. The toe decreases are a bit messy as I only did k2tog for it, but I still like it just fine.
Blue Sock

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gluten Free

I figure I'll start off with the reasons why I fell off the edge of the earth 1st. Mainly I got really depressed & then after that got fixed up I moved halfway across the country. Ok now on to the actual content of the post!

When I moved out here I knew the friend I'd be living with is gluten-free & that the house would be gluten-free as well. For the past 2-3 years I've wondered if I had a problem with gluten for a host of reasons, mainly the neuropathy & the fact most everything I eat makes me sick. I stopped being able to eat lactose first, then casein; after that went carbs & meat at the same meal & then normal sized servings of meat & most fast food along with anything really high in fat. Certain veggies & fruit got the boot over the years & I developed reflux &, well sorry it's probably TMI, what I assumed was IBS. Through it all I thought it probably wasn't a gluten issue because eating just that didn't make me sick to my tummy & I craved it like mad.

Well on 26 May I moved & went gluten-free, no major changes happened at first. Once in a while I'll have a small amount of dairy & deal with "The Sick" as it's known around here. "The Sick" is around 4 hours long & I cry & it's horrible GI stuff that you don't want to know about. I cheated with a bit of dairy 2 days ago & only got a tiny bit sick that lasted for an hour & I didn't even cry.

So was it dumb luck or was it the lack of gluten in my diet? I don't know & while I'd love for it to be as easy a fix as just removing gluten from my diet & getting all the other foods back, I'm not gonna call it yet. I'll be gluten-free in this house regardless of if I have a gluten issue or not & am doing a 100% GF diet for 3 months & at the end will see how I feel & do a gluten challenge & see what happens. If it turns out it is the gluten I'll be 100% GF for good & if it turns out I've just got a useless GI tract then I'll eat gluten when I'm out & none at home.