Thursday, June 9, 2011

Now with actual knitting content!

Finished 1 of the blue socks, now to get the other one going. Impressed the hell out of myself by doing the kitchnered toe from memory, didn't look it up at all. Pretty much did the whole sock that way, other than the cast-on number & needle size I just winged the whole thing. The toe decreases are a bit messy as I only did k2tog for it, but I still like it just fine.
Blue Sock


  1. That is pretty!! I have no idea what you said beyond "Finished 1 of the blue socks," the rest totally went over my head. All I know is it's pretty and it looks comfy!

  2. I love doing socks since they are so easy to carry around in my purse. If you're willing to wait about a year (cause I knit hella slow) I can hook you up with a pair. Best part is there are no seams to rub on your toes.