Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gluten Free

I figure I'll start off with the reasons why I fell off the edge of the earth 1st. Mainly I got really depressed & then after that got fixed up I moved halfway across the country. Ok now on to the actual content of the post!

When I moved out here I knew the friend I'd be living with is gluten-free & that the house would be gluten-free as well. For the past 2-3 years I've wondered if I had a problem with gluten for a host of reasons, mainly the neuropathy & the fact most everything I eat makes me sick. I stopped being able to eat lactose first, then casein; after that went carbs & meat at the same meal & then normal sized servings of meat & most fast food along with anything really high in fat. Certain veggies & fruit got the boot over the years & I developed reflux &, well sorry it's probably TMI, what I assumed was IBS. Through it all I thought it probably wasn't a gluten issue because eating just that didn't make me sick to my tummy & I craved it like mad.

Well on 26 May I moved & went gluten-free, no major changes happened at first. Once in a while I'll have a small amount of dairy & deal with "The Sick" as it's known around here. "The Sick" is around 4 hours long & I cry & it's horrible GI stuff that you don't want to know about. I cheated with a bit of dairy 2 days ago & only got a tiny bit sick that lasted for an hour & I didn't even cry.

So was it dumb luck or was it the lack of gluten in my diet? I don't know & while I'd love for it to be as easy a fix as just removing gluten from my diet & getting all the other foods back, I'm not gonna call it yet. I'll be gluten-free in this house regardless of if I have a gluten issue or not & am doing a 100% GF diet for 3 months & at the end will see how I feel & do a gluten challenge & see what happens. If it turns out it is the gluten I'll be 100% GF for good & if it turns out I've just got a useless GI tract then I'll eat gluten when I'm out & none at home.


  1. WHAT? You moved?!! Where? And they make gluten free spaghetti? I had no idea . . .

  2. Moved out to Vancouver, WA at the end of May. I love it here, it's so pretty.

    They make gluten-free everything (except a good croissant). My health is doing a ton better with the GF diet. I still have a host of crap wrong, but a lot of the smaller things that made it hard to deal are feeling better.

  3. I'm glad you guys are somewhere wonderful. I think Noah may have a gluten allergy - but he doesn't care. He said if he has to give the bread at Macaroni Grill - he'd rather suffer.