Saturday, March 5, 2011

Paining the roses red

Well, not roses, rooms. My roommate is plaining on listing this house for sale once thaw comes so between now & then we've got to clean, paint & pack up the nonessentials. Every room in the house, save my bedroom, was painted blue by the old owners. We'd been slowly working on doing all the things we wanted to the house, but painting seemed to fall to the bottom of the list. I think partially due to the fact the smell of paint gives me migraines.

The living room will become a light chocolate milk color, the dining room/my office will become a milkwash shade of lime, not sure about my room yet or the halls & kitchen. Girl child's room will stay pale purple as the only other color she's interested in is red. Not sure what color roommate is painting the master bed room yet either.

We've also got to put new tiles down in the basement & repaint all that. I'd love to pull one of the walls down there down to make a large family room, but I think that's a bigger project than she's looking to do for a house she's going to sell.

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  1. You need an award! I have one for you. It's the Stylish Blogger Award. I gave you another award but forgot to write and let you know, because I suck. Since you are one of the most uniquely stylish people I know, this one seems more fitting anyway! Details are on my blog, under the "I'm a Stylish Blogger" post.