Thursday, March 3, 2011


I doubt many people show up here to hear about my ear stretching, but it's my blog so I can blather about them a bit.

On the smaller sizes (18g-12g) I was about 3-4 weeks between stretches. I touch quicker than the proper timeline of always 1 mo each. I'd hoped that the 6 weeks suggested on that timeline would be fine to go from 12g to 10g, but it's been 2½ months now & was only now able to go to the 10g.

Based on that I'm thinking it'll be end of May at the earliest to try going up again. I've 2 pair of glass plugs & 1 pair of steel dangles (that are kind of heavy), I think since I'll be at this size for a while (3-6 months I'm guessing) I might get a pair of bone earrings. Those are always so lovely, but they are $$$ & I didn't want to spend that for something that I'd be out of in a flash.

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