Friday, March 4, 2011

Loose tooth

Girl-child has her first loose tooth. It's right in the middle on the bottom & only just able to wiggle so it'll be a while before it falls out. She's so beyond excited about it & has asked around 8 billion times what exact day is it going to come out.

Her need to know exactly what day things will happen & her inability to accept answers like maybe, sometimes, probably & I don't know are one of the harder issues around here. When you're 5 there are a lot of maybes or I don't knows that come at you & when you have a disabled mom there are even more maybes & probablies that come down the pike. It's got to be hard & frustrating for her to get as many as she does & I do try to keep them to a minimum, but they aren't able to be gone all together.

I wonder how much of it is average kid & how much is down to ASD? I'm sure a fair chunk of it is NT, but I think a NT kid is asking because they want the quarter (what are kids getting per tooth these days?), but she couldn't care less about the quarter, she just wants to put it on the calendar so she have it plotted out.

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  1. I think a very large chunk of it is average kid. Jake is the same way with the whole "maybe" issue. He wants a yes or no answer (preferably a yes when it's something he wants). He'll ask me "what does maybe mean? What does later mean? Why can't you just say yes or no?" He also likes exact dates for evens, and wants to know how much time is between now and then right down to the freaking second.

    Also, I believe the cost per tooth rises with the cost per gallon of gas! I've heard some insane amounts from other parents.