Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ribbing! And knit night.

I've gotten to the ribbing on my sweater! I worked a row that had YO before you do the ribbing & a few rows in decided that the holes weren't working. I think they were meant to match the holes created from the YOs on the raglan sleeves but since I did a M1 instead of a YO for those increases it didn't match anything on the sweater. So I tinked back (ripping back is too scary for me yet) & am now only ½ a row in to the ribbing.

We had a new woman show up to knitting & while she could only stay for a short time last night she hopes to come again. She was lovely & complemented how even my stitching is especially for someone who's only been knitting for 2 years which I thought was sweet. I do hope she comes back & not just because she says nice things.

I hadn't been to knitting in 2 weeks, 1 due to the wrist being crap & last week no one felt up to it due to cold & being tired. It was really nice to see everybody again & see what they were up to. It's funny I was worried when I started the group & we got a few people coming because half of the group all knew each other from outside this group & that they might just take over the group & I'd feel left out, but that's never been the case. While I have to watch my love of obscenities & we just all avoid politics & such, I do think we are a cohesive group & I couldn't be happier.

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