Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Post? Already?

Darn forgot that regular posting means I have to come up with interesting things to type on a regular basis!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fell of the side of the Earth, trying to climb back on

Sorry for falling off the side of the planet, turns out it is flat. Seems we live on a discworld, but damn if I can find Nanny Ogg anywhere!

So I guess you can tell by my absence I've been feeling better. It comes from a mix of no longer working, making sure I get to bed & up at the same time every single day & most of all by the fact it's been summer. Summer is the best season for my EDS related pain, usually it sucks for migraines & because I don't cool well. This summer has been mild here so I've been feeling better than I have in 3-4 years. So I took a break from thinking about my disabilities, from talking about how I deal with them & so on.

I also realized that it's not interesting for me to write the same post day after day which boils down it "Ow, I have a hurt." Since I've been diagnosed there isn't much going on with the medical front. They know what's wrong with me & there is no making it go away. I've got orthotics for my shoes (that I don't wear since 1 fits well & the other doesn't), forearm crutches that I can't use much right now due to a crap elbow & a knee brace I don't wear as often as I ought to as I'm very slowly adjusting to the unloader in it.

So on to non-medical stuff. Life is chugging a long as if oft times does. I've gotten much better at my knitting & am enjoying it. I've even started a little knitting group that meets once a month. I started doing yoga at the Y, which I know sounds bad (EDS+Yoga=bad!), but it's power yoga which works to strengthen rather than working flexibility. I've a great instructor who knows I've EDS & I adapt some poses & skip others all together.

I think that's an ok, get off my ass & post kinda post. Perhaps again tomorrow.