Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Gluten Stuff

Doing well with the gluten-free eating. I have found a few treats I am adoring, like my morning cinnamon roll

Got a favorite spaghetti

Found the best peanut butter cookies in the known world

Those are the type of foods I was most worried I would loose when I went gluten-free, but it turns out those were the easiest to replace with awesome stuff. The odd stuff I never thought about is what's been hard to fine perfect ones of. I still haven't found a BBQ sauce or a fake maple syrup that's perfect either. I never thought of gluten being in so many of these type of products, why does the cole slaw at KFC need gluten? Why does a salad dressing need gluten? The obvious stuff it turns out is crazy easy to replace with stuff just as tasty as any gluten product, but the other stuff is often made for multiple food allergies so the texture or taste might not be "right". Ah, well I've got the world's best gluten free store to shop in & they carry a ton of yummy things so I'm sure I'll find the perfect veggie soup & everything else soon.

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