Monday, August 25, 2008

Disabled, what does that mean?

Really I don't quite know what disabled means. I know the Websters on it, I'm able to read it & comprehend that. What I don't know is if I am disabled. There are so many forms of disabled that I don't know where I fit.

There is the % disabled where your STD or LTD decides how much to pay you based on how disabled you are. Well I'm not collecting that so that doesn't apply.

There is SSI/SSDI disabled where everyone (well except for those folks who pray for you & think you ought to drink wheatgrass & try harder) agrees your disabled. Well I don't get that yet so I'm not SSI/SSDI disabled.

Then there is the obviously something is wrong with her disabled, the sort where people look at you & say "well bless your heart, your such an inspiration!". I rarely ever get that so I don't think I'm that kind of disabled.

I do have a parking permit which makes some people give me rude faces, but since I fall randomly the DMV says I'm disabled.

My roommate says I am. So I wonder, when do you "become" disabled & how do you know? I fall randomly, can't work, am in constant pain, have problems with my legs, arms & head. Dunno, think I'll get a note in the mail to let me know?

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