Friday, August 15, 2008

Should be an interesting day

& by interesting I mean crappy.

So Girl-Child got her chicken pox vax she'll need for pre-school yesterday so I'm sure she'll be cranky all day. I can't believe she's old enough for that already. It's just 2 mornings a week. She's supposed to get a backpack large enough to fit a folder in. That would be mid-thigh or knee on her. I think I'll make a 1/2 sized folder & they can just fold the papers they want to send home in 1/2. My thoughts are until we know if she has a HCTD or not, then lets assume she might & minimize any joint damaging activities. And on a side rant, what is up with the fact they want 3 year olds to carry backpacks that size & that schools think nothing of having 3rd & 4th graders carry 20lbs on their backs? Would they carry that proportion of their body weight on their backs? I think that's a crock of shit.

We are going to have to start switching bedtime/wake-up time for Tiny Miss Girl-Child soon too. She has be getting up at 9.30 or so in the morning & school will start at 9, so she's gonna get up at 8ish I think.

I have been zombie exhausted for the last week or two. Plus my left elbow, yet again, is out of wack. Really would it be wrong to gnaw my own elbow off? I'll prob just ace it in a neutral position til my roommate gets home to help me put it back. I have no clue why this started up, my elbow used to be fine, but it's gone all to hell now.

Ok, off to finish my tea & go pry that baby out of bed.

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