Sunday, August 3, 2008

Illness vs Me

This past week I fully dislocated my right ankle & subluxed my left knee all in one fall. Thankfully once I took the weight off my leg & turned my ankle a bit it went right back in, my knee just did a slide out & back which it likes to do from time to time when I twist wrong. As I mentioned the other day I also subluxed my left elbow just resting my head on my hand with my elbow on the desk. Yeah been a crap week on that front.

I think I am going to have to concede that my cane isn't working. With 2 bum knees & 2 crap hands how does one use a cane without ending up in even more pain? Got a suggestion cause I haven't figured it out yet.

Oh & on a totally random note I finally got a cooling thing for my laptop so it stops getting so hot when I use it.

Plus my fatigue is back in force. I don't mean I'm a bit tired, or that I'm not sleeping well. I am sleeping like the dead & getting what should be a great night's sleep except when I wake up I'm ready for a nap. My body feels like it's moving thru quicksand & it takes so much energy to do anything. Hopefully it's just a phase & gets back to my normal tired instead of this super-double tired I've currently got going.

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