Sunday, August 31, 2008

My heart broke today

Today was one of the worst days a mom with EDS can have. Girlchild is to young to be dx'ed with EDS according to the "rules", but today I not only realized she as the same HCTD I have, but I caused her joint to come out. I could die I feel so badly.

I was putting her shirt on & she didn't want to put a shirt on & was fighting me a bit & her elbow went out. She was more upset than in pain & it went right back in after she moved her arm the same way I do when my is just a bit out. I have to will make sure I hold her upper arm from now on, not her hand.

How, as moms, are we suposed to deal with this? The guilt is so massive. She is fine & bounced back quick. She flexed her arm a few time over a few minutes & that was it. Ugh, this sucks & it's not going to get easier to deal with I bet. Somehow I think a mom's heart breaks each time their child has a dislocation.

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