Monday, August 25, 2008

Sometimes Wheelchairs Suck

Yes, I know, really I do; they are a wonderful invention & are a great thing, but with that said please allow me to begin bitching about them a bit.

I went to the zoo with my daughter & my roommate this past Friday. This zoo is all trails so it's a place I can not do without a wheelchair, & as I am a broke girl, I don't own one. So when we got there the only one they had left was the oversized chair. Now I do think it's great they offer an oversized chair for people, but OMG if you aren't oversized that thing is a torture device. Because of my PS I can't use my arms to wheel very well, which means I wheelchair-walk most of the time. (Ya know sitting & then walking the chair along.) These chairs weigh twice what most chairs I use weigh. I couldn't reach the wheels at all to have used my arms if I wanted to.

Plus the makers of the trails we were on assumed you had a very strong carer with you to push you up the steep grades they had. I didn't. I had to either use the chair as a walker or use the railing on the side to pull myself along. Yeah, that'll help me with my dignity. After an hour & 1/2 we stopped to eat & I checked back out front & they had a normal chair again, thank goodness cause I couldn't have continued with that other chair. We spent 3.5 hrs there, I never would have been able to do that with out a chair, so all in all I am thankful places offer them, but damn if I am gonna try the oversized chair again. I also learned that when trying to build some speed to get going while using your arms those handles really get in your way.

So now my questions about chairs. If anyone knows, please leave a comment for me.

1. Where does your purse go? It gets in the way on your lap, on the back anyone could steal from it.

2. Since I don't own a chair I didn't get the Emily Post's guide to Chair Etiquette, sorry. When a wide bit of trail or road is 90% clear & it's down hill is it ok to zip along at a nice clip as long as you have full control of the chair & can stop or move quickly if needed? If so why did the few people I went past look at me like I was breaking some cardinal rule?

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