Saturday, August 9, 2008

Stupid Thumbs

My thumbs are killing me today. I over used them earlier this week, then had to use them today so now they are all pissy. I've got it taped up a bit & that's helping, but I'm just guessing on how to wrap them. Hopefully at my dr appt this week I can get him to send me over to PT/OT & get something til I go to Mayo. Even if it's just taping lessons, lol.

My elbow came out again this past week. I wonder if I just hadn't gotten all the way back in the first time. Got my roommate to pull the arm while I rotated & that worked much better than earlier in the week when I had to hold the joint while I rotated it. Seems to be back to almost it's old self again.

It's funny in some ways I seem worse since I found out I probably have EDS, but it's just that my understanding has changed. I used to just keep pushing myself if my knees hurt because I knew what the treatment options for OA were if I damaged them, but now know that most of that isn't really an option anymore & that the options left are less likely to work, plus the fact that odds are that I've got another 50 years with these knees & they aren't going to get better. I labored under the delusion that if I kept pushing they would get better. Knowing that what I thought of my ankle just going out from under is actually a my ankle coming partially out of joint, it changes how you react to the injury. I used to just ignore injuries & just push thru pain, now I stop & treat the injury. That's such a change for me.

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