Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Ok, anyone reading this who is a parent will understand my complaint about too many toys, too much junk cluttering up a house. Amelia has a bit of greed about wanting new toys as most young children often do & we are working on curbing that greed & reducing the amount of toys.

Step one was to take every single toy in the whole house & remove it all to one room. That is known as the toy room. Every week she is allowed 10 toys from the toy room & no more. At the end of the week she can swap out any of the toys she would like to swap & keep any she would like to keep as long as the number she has is 10 (or less, but she doesn't ever pick less).

We've been doing this for around 2-3 months now & it's been going great. We've also done a toy purge of stuff she was ok with donating to the thrift store & I think it's getting to be time to do another purge. I'd like it if all her toys could fit in to 2 lg rubbermade tubs, right now it's about 4. When we were packing to move it was 8 tubs & that's just way too much.

I love this toy library system & it has really helped keep the house, or should I say every floor in my home, clean. I am also finding she is really focusing in & playing more with each toy instead of becoming distracted every 4 seconds by another toy.


  1. That is an amazing idea.

  2. I thought I would get more of a fight from her about it, but it's gone very, very smoothly.