Saturday, June 5, 2010

On the Knitting Front

Check out the cutest new project bag I've got!
Cute Knitting Project Bag
It's long enough my 10" needles fit in there at a slight angle. I've got my green shawl in there, I didn't have a project bag big enough to fit the needles in so I was very glad to get this. Plus it's my favorite color. It looks like the fabulous woman who made it isn't selling them right now, but here's her Etsy store in case she starts to.

Almost done with my swatch for the other sweater, looks like it's 2 stitches shy (on 4") of gauge, but it's silk/wool & it hasn't been washed or blocked so it should come out ok.

I also got in some nice hat yarn, I'm thinking once one more project is done I'll cast on a hat. I'm thinking of doing one with a pattern I have to follow line by line rather than a stocking stitch one.

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