Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girl Child's Annual Check Up

We went to the doctor for girl-child's annual appt & did get a referral for her to go down to Mayo to see if she has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) like I do. I'm 90% sure she does, I feel very conflicted about it. I'm glad we are figuring it out young so she has a better chance than I did of not becoming so disabled so young. I'm glad we'll not have to deal with docs thinking she's lying about her pain. I'm glad we will have the chance to teach her to care for her joints. I'm guilty about the fact I gave this to her. I'm guilty about what I know lies ahead. I'm sad for the fact she won't be "normal". I'm sad for the fact she will have this color many choices she makes in life. I'm worried about how severe hers will be. I'm worried about her future.

Having a genetic condition, that you know is painful & can be horrible & knowing you gave it to your child sucks more than I can put words to...


  1. I am sorry - that does seriously suck.

    I have that issue with Kooka - nothing like yours, but her autoimmune business most certainly stems from my side - and it is such a vague thing to have pop up sometimes.

    I hope everything turns out better than you expect.

  2. I hope it does too, but I am the type that plans for the worst & hopes for the best. If it turns out bad, well I was prepared for that, if it turns out good I get to be pleasantly surprised by that.