Monday, June 21, 2010


I am halfway done on the shawl of doom! I'm torn between putting it away for a bit so I can work on some other knitting or just keep plodding along. Part of the problem is this yarn & these needles are a crap combo, but I am worried if I switch to another set of totally different needles (wood to metal) that my gauge will change. Gah!

I'm working on another blanket square & am hoping to make a few of those over the next month. I am also still working on the grey hat, that yarn is so splitty that it kinda sucks to work with so it's going slower than my other hats.

Oh on the red sweater front I finally got another set of needles to work with, I just don't like the addi Lace needles, so now I've some regular addi needles. Will have to see if that helps, those Lace ones always made my hands feel gross.

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