Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So Tired

Yesterday was a bright sunny day, I woke up & felt good. I wanted to write you all (you all meaning probably no one, I don't actually think anyone reads this) a lovely post & put up some pictures. I had it all planned out, but Blogger was down for me. I guess some parts of the country were down & some were ok.

Today I woke up very, very tired. I'm missing about 3 hours of sleep due to the millipede that was on my wall above my bed last night. I was tucking in to bed & my roommate came to ask me something & spotted the evil thing. I am terrified of them & freaked out while she actually killed it. I then spent the next 3 hours wide awake & today feel like a zombie.

Perhaps I'll come up with something nifty to post this afternoon when I actually am awake rather than wandering about like a zombie. Maybe a cup of tea would help...


  1. I think I would move out of my house if there was a millipede above my bed.



  2. Last house had about 1-2 a month so I've gotten a bit desensitized to them. I've actually managed to kill off I think 2 of them at the old house, might be 3.