Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Yesterday was my daughter's birthday & her pre-school does a wonderful field trip at the end of each school year. She got to go to by train to a local toy shop & even got to ride a carousel. I loved that it timed up for her birthday, that was great. We both had a great time on the train, I think that was my favorite part. She was a bit worried about riding the carousel as she's never been on one, but she did say she liked it when it was over. Her favorite part was shopping I'm sure, she didn't even want to stop shopping to get an ice cream, lol.

Toad on a TrainToad on a Carousel

It was really hot yesterday & that sucked. The heat really messes with me bad & by the time we got back to town & had to walk back it was more than 5 degrees hotter than they had predicted that morning. I almost didn't make it back home without blacking out. I have a very firmly set limit on how hot out it can be for me to not get sick & that 5 degrees pushed it too high for me. Amelia was a trouper about it though.

We did dine at her favorite place to get a treat MickeyD's, lol. Nothing like a crappy meal, uh I mean, happy meal to top off the day.

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