Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hat & Sweater Update

The hat is coming along nicely & should be done before the end of the week, got about another 2" to go before I hit the decreases.


The sweater is going well. I messed up the other night & couldn't for the life of me figured out what I did wrong & was going to save it til knit night & see if one of the women there (who is like an awesome rockstar of knit knowledge) could tell me what I did so I could fix it. After 20min or so I decided I was just going to tink back & see what I did. Turns out when I picked up the knitting I started knitting backwards & that was my trouble. Glad I was only one row up when I spotted the error.
I know it doesn't look very different than the last time I posted a picture, sorry, sweater knitting is kinda slow & boring looking in photos.

In non-knitting news it's the last month of school for my daughter & that will be sad, she loves her school & I love having a few hours a week to myself. Not sure what we are doing for next year yet.

My exercise plan is going well, I'm just doing the Wii 5-7 days a week & going to the gym 1-2x a week. It's about 3-4 weeks in now & I am plugging along.

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