Saturday, May 1, 2010

Migraine Season

Sadly it's migraine season in my house. Spring with it's storms & changeable weather seems to bring out a lot of migraines in me. My usual remedy of Imitrex & vats Diet Coke is out this year as I gave up soda about 2 months ago. The Imitrex isn't working as well as it used to which really disappoints me since I've used it successfully since it came on the market.

In not migraine news, I made an error in my sweater last night & was able to not only figure out what I did, but fix it too! On the hat front I dug out 2 of the other hats I have on the needles & frogged up the one & have the other ready to work on. I think I've figured out a few skeins for my hat goal, now to find patterns for them. I'm sure will be the basic hat style I've been doing since I can do it without thinking at this point.

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