Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am so bored & dislike this black hat. It's boooorrrrriiiinnnnggggg! It's just 2x2 rib on yarn I don't like, round after round of it. I have another 3.5", so that's 10-11 rounds. Should be done in no time at all, but it sucks me in to a parallel time vortex where time ceases to move while I knit. This hat hates me. I've promised myself I can knit another beret/tam hat if I finish this today. If I do it will mean I finished 2 out of the stack of WIPs & I'm about 90% sure I will be frogging one of the other ones & about 70% sure I'm going to frog another. I had recounted the WIPs & were are actually 12 not the 9 I thought; 1 (the red mitts) got finished & if I can manage to finish the world's most boring hat then I'll be down to 10, frog up those 2 I'm disliking more than this hat & I'll be down to 8.

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