Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Finishing things

I have 9 WIPs, I feel like that's kind of a lot, I had about 5 more. 1 got finished up (the green hat, it's drying now, pics another day) & I frogged 3 more. I have 1 shawl I'm deciding if I'll finish or frog.

I have a lot of yarn I want to knit or projects I want to try, but I think it's best if I try to finish some of these WIPs. I have my red sweater, the red burp cloth, the red baby blanket, a blue dalak washcloth, some fingerless gloves (which only need the thumbs put on), a pair of scrap yarn socks using the Yarn Harlot's sock recipe, a pair of No Purl Monkey socks, a Gaenor shawl, a cute hat, a pair of socks I'm writing a pattern for & I think I'm missing something else. (Please no one use your powers of counting to see that's more than 9.)

I also have some yarn I'm meh about, so I'd like to find a simple project (probably a hat or instant scarf) to use it up & get it out of the stash & in to the gift pile. Plus of course, there are the left overs from other projects that need to get used up.

I should have no trouble finishing up the fingerless gloves today, just 2 thumbs. I think the burp cloth will become a washcloth so it gets done & I will probably frog out the baby blanket since I hate the yarn with the passion of a thousand burning suns & then will maybe use it to make some of my plain hats. Should be less horrid to knit a few small projects with it rather than one giant one. The shawl I'm on the fence about I'll probably frog & do another one I was thinking about, but I won't do that til I finish the Gaenor shawl I've been working on for a while.

Crap while trying this up I've thought of 3 more WIPs. Crap.

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