Monday, March 29, 2010

My Weekend

(Damn I suck at coming up with witty title for my posts.)

Went up to my roommate's dad's house to hang with her sister & have girl-child play with her cousin. Was nice to visit with R (roommate's sister), catch up & see how she's doing as she's been a bit sick lately. The kids are a month apart in age so they had a blast playing together. We also went to an easter egg hunt at his pre-school. They got to pet a cute bunny & get prizes which was cool.

While the kids were playing girl-child had a total meltdown about not winning some game he'd made up. Need to spend a bit more time teaching about loosing; no shame in wanting to win or being bummed you didn't win, but a full out meltdown is a bit more than is called for.

Finished the hat I was working on & started a new one.

This pattern is great for using up single skeins of worsted yarn that I've no clue what to do with. Also great for mindless knitting since it's almost all stocking stitch. I keep it in my bag to work on when ever I'm waiting or sitting around chatting.

I need to find a pattern like this for fingering weight for 2 skeins of that I got at the thrift store with the purple yarn that I just finished.

I also really need to get back to the blanket if I want that done before the baby is born, grows up & goes to college. Plus I've that 8x8 square to work on, ugh last time I do an 8x8, maybe try #6 will be lucky.


  1. Love the hat! I think it's funny you call her girl-child, as I call mine boy-child. And boy-child has meltdowns about not winning too. We're working on it. Doesn't help that Mommy has become a bit competitive. As for your girl-child, hmmm, gee, I wonder where she could get it from? Ms "I'll pay you real money for that Monopoly property." :P

  2. What colors do you like? I could whip you up a hat pretty quick, would need to know if you wear your hair up or down so it'd be big enough.