Friday, April 2, 2010

Not a totally knitting post

Mostly I talk about my knitting here, but I need to take a moment to talk about something else. I quit soda! Now I know you all don't know me in person, but trust me this is huge. I have drank soda as the only liquid in my diet for at least 10 years (sparing the occasional 2-4 month break I tried 3-4 times). So to give up soda is pretty major. I replaced soda with spring water mostly, I like the taste of spring water better than tap. If I can't get spring water then I go for icy tap or tap with lemon. I am having a cup of tea 2-3 morning a week & once summer gets here I'll brew up plain decaf tea to sip on during the day or water with lemon, lime or cucumber slices in it.

On the knitting from I'm almost 1/3 way through the hat I started the other day. I've had a cold or something the past few days & haven't been knitting much. I did get down to knitting the other day & good thing I did there was free yarn! There is another knitting group that meets when we do & someone brought them in free yarn from a yarn shop that closed a few years back. Once they'd picked theirs out they shared the rest. I got 2 sweaters worth of mohair/acrylic/wool, the one I'll do a tension square of & see how it behaves, it's only 25% mohair so I might be able to do a sweater with it. The other is really fluffy so I may do a loose knit wrap or shawl or something where a screw up won't be the end of the world since I know it won't tink well. I also got 3.5 skeins of some great bulky in black that I might make a sweater of, I've a pattern in mind, just need to get needles for it.

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