Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Craft Room/Office

Trying to get the joint cleaned out & unpacked is taking longer than I'd hope it would. Still not sure how I will set the room up. I'd like to have an area for desk/office stuff, an area for sitting & visiting, plus my yarn area. The room isn't huge so I'm thinking the yarn will just be through out the room & will have to work on making a good divide between the office & the sitting/visiting area. Step one in that will be getting a smaller desk, this thing is huge! I think I want something more like this

While this is still big it's not a corner desk which is what I have now & am sick of staring at the wall all day so I took all the top stuff off it & have it facing out in to the room. It's got to be close it 5" across from tip to tip!

Part of me just wants to get a simple plain table & use that. I need an area big enough for a laptop, a pen holder, a soda & a stack of papers.

Anyone got any suggestions on how to get the most from a mid-sized room I'd love it!


  1. I really like that desk, you can put a lot of stuff in those little cubbies, right? Plus it's so open and airy, it shouldn't overwhelm a room.

  2. It's only like $150, which isn't the much. I figured I could put a rack in one for papers that I'm doing stuff with, a batch of those fabric bins & baskets for crap & some of those magazines holders for catalogs, papers I need handy & magazines, plus a few cubbies for books. I think if I put that side on the wall & the openness of the desk it would look ok.

  3. Fabric bins and baskets always look cute. If you put the shelf side against the wall, you could put the less "decorative" stuff in the bottom shelfs and leave the top for the really cute bins.

    My biggest tip for a medium-sized or small room is to either go up to maximize storage, or stay low to make it look bigger. Like an entertainment center with a flat top makes a great place to display stuff. But one without a top, just a tv stand, also works because it makes it looked bigger.

  4. It's an odd room. It's rectangle & one long wall has a big window on it & the other long wall has doorways on each end. With the short walls one is totally unusable since it also has a doorway & it has a built-in hutch, the other short wall does have a window, but it's a higher up window.