Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Knit Night, Baby Blankets & Prime Rib

Last night was knit night & I have convinced the ladies to move our knit night from Tuesday to Wednesday. There are only 2 days a week I have to get up very early & that's Tues & Thurs. I am so tired on Tues nights that I was skipping 1/2 of them. Which wouldn't be horrible, but I love my knitters & I'm the one who started the group. I'm also hoping that we can get one of my favorite knitters (M this would be you) back once or twice a month since her job keeps her there too late to come most nights, but she gets out early some Weds.

A friend of mine, whom I haven't see in quite a few years is having her first baby & I'm knitting her up a blanket, a burp cloth & some wash cloths. She's having a girl & I'm sure she'll get a batch of pink & purple stuff, plus the usual smattering of yellow & green so I wanted to make something that would go with those colors, plus I wanted it to go with tan & blue as a lot of baby things (like car seats & strollers & stuff) come in those. The color I thought of that would work for all that & not show spit-up stains to easy was red. So red it is!
Burp Cloth for JM's Baby

My roommate & daughter went out with a batch of my roommate's co-workers for dinner & had prime rib! (Well ok, daughter didn't have that, she had burger & fries.) Good time was had by all & daughter has been invited to come next time as well.

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