Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sorry been a bit odd here

Well maybe odd is the wrong term, odd is my everyday.

Anyhow, I hurt my foot. I thought it might be a stress fracture, but it was just tendonitis. I am on Prednisone for it. First time I've had tendonitis anywhere except my arms. Thankfully the Prednisone seems to be working so I can walk again. Still hurts & I can only walk in my Crocs, but beats all hell outta being layed up on the sofa in pain.

I have decided I need to quit my job. I just am not physically able to do it. The walking, standing & running are just more than I can handle. I ended up missing 2 days of this week (my last week) due to my foot, which just re-enforces the fact that I can't work. I'm out with a docs note at least so they can't think I'm faking. I am planning on going back to school here in the fall & will go to school from home.

I also got a laptop about 2 months ago & just last week finally was able to afford a wireless router so now I can finally use my laptop as a laptop, lol. I am shocked at how much difference I find in what I can do on it compared to my desktop. My roommate took my old desktop cause it was much, much newer than hers. So both of us ended up with a much better computer than we had.

So they messed up my sleep study results. I had the thing on for like 10 minutes, but it wasn't working right. I then wore it for the whole night, but the tech only sent the first 10 minute part to the doc, so I called & got that corrected. They told me they would get it to my doc the next day, but it's been 4 business days & he still doesn't have it so I guess I'm going to have to call again.

Ok, I'm all typed out for now, more later maybe.

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