Friday, July 18, 2008

Just for fun, a non-illness post!

So last night at 2am I was sleeping soundly. I woke up because my cat ran across my chest (last time that happened there was a mouse in my room) so I woke up & clicked on the light. (I have my bedroom light on a remote due to how often I would hurt myself trying to get back to bed after turning the light off.) As a lay there trying to figure out what's going on I see my cat chasing a butterfly! Uh, wait, there is no way a butterfly is in my room. Blink 2-3 times & realize it's a damn bat! Oh, this is so what I need at 2am! So as the cat has the bat cornered & I'm a bit freaked as I'm still half asleep I run to my roommate's room & wake her up. She is now awake & just as freaked as me, well maybe more since she is terrified of bats. She goes down stairs to find something to capture the bat with. She leaves me with the instructions to make sure the bat doesn't leave my room. Now the other cat saunters up to see what all the fuss is about. He trots in the room & about a minute later he comes out with the damn thing in his mouth! So he runs down stairs with me chasing him yelling my lungs out. He finally drops it & my roommate flips a box on it, then we slid some cardboard underneath. We also attach some yard to the top, slid the whole thing to the back porch, closed the door & pulled the yard so the box came off. The bat just laid there for about 3-5 minutes then took off. Then I got to try to change my sheets & go back to bed. Took me like 15 minutes to change my sheets, cause my hands were being cranky & so was my ankle, but I got it done & fell back asleep.

So what did you do last night? Bet it wasn't that much fun!

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