Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A couple of things

1. If you read the last post you know I quit my job. I physically could not do it anymore. I was in such pain. I was dropping things more & more. The exhaustion was more than a person could bear too.

2. Sleep study results are in & I do not have apena, just like I told the doc. Well, I shouldn't complain, he did listen about my having been so tired. The downside is I'm back to square one.

3. The more I watch Girl-Child I can see she is very hypermobile. I'm praying she's so bendy due to being 3 rather than EDS, but my heart says otherwise. I look at her legs & ankles when she stands & it matches me at that age to a T. I watch how she rolls her ankles under at will to fall.

4. I'm not sure if either of the boys have it as neither live with me. Eldest-Boy I placed for adoption when I was 18. It's a very, very open adoption so his mom & I talked & I send her a ton of info & she doesn't see anything indicating EDS. Once I am dx'ed I'll suggest he is seen to double check. Unsure about Boy-Child he lives with his father. I will have to talk to him & see how he is doing. Oddly enough both boys went thru a phase where neither grew for about a year when they were 2ish. I'll have to double check on the age to be sure. When it happened with Eldest-Boy the docs were wondering if he might be a little person. My mom said it happened to both boys of a first cousin of hers, so Eldest-Boy's doc said they would wait to do anything then & he isn't a little person. When it happened to Boy-Child we knew it probably would happen so no one batted an eyelash when he did. I have no clue what bearing that has on anything, but it's interesting & it's in the same family line as the EDS.

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