Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Encounter

So I went to the grocery store last night cause I needed to pick up a few things (forgot 1/2 of the stuff I went there for, darn I need to make lists, but then I forget the lists). Anyhow, as I was leaving I ran in to a woman from my old job. I hadn't seen her in a while so we were catching up. I told her how I had quit my job & my last day had just been the day before. She had asked why I had left & I told her really it came down to my health. I just couldn't do the job anymore, I was killing myself & my boss wouldn't allow me to work less hours so there really wasn't a choice. I needed to do what was best for me. She knew a bit about my health & I told her that my neuro & I had talked & that I was going to be going to Mayo to see if I had this condition that cause problems with my joints & connective tissues. She asked if it was called Daniel's something. I told her no it wasn't, but it was called Ehlers-Danlos & sort of sounds like Daniel. She said a friend of hers had this as well. Uh, what are the odds?? I live in a town of 16,000 people. If EDS is one in 5,000 then that means (statistically & in a broad non-literal sense) there are 3 of us in town. My jaw about hit the floor. She told me about her friend & the problems with her health. She's in a wheelchair & can't even take care of her kids by herself. She finally has the docs here understanding that she's not a pill seeker, I should find out who she sees. I told her to please pass on my name, # & email. I told her that I felt the expression "Misery loves company" had a different meaning for those of us with chronic illnesses. It's not that we want others to be in as much pain or deal with what we have to, it's that we just want someone who "gets" what we deal with. Who can relate, who knows about our fears & pain. Someone who can understand when we bitch & moan about our problems we don't want someone to sit there & give suggestions (odds are we've heard them a dozen times), we just want someone to say "I know & it sucks" & really does know. I hope she calls.

I've got some other odds & ends to post, but I want to do it in another post.

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