Saturday, June 28, 2008

Don't you have anything but pain & sickness to write about?

Well yes I do, but I don't know that I will. I make this blog to write about my medical crap so that I have a place to do so. Trust me, no one wants to here this stuff everyday. The problem is I am stuck dealing with it everyday & so that I don't bore everyone around me I blog it.

On a happy note, the Genetics office called & I get to be seen there. I'm glad they'll see me. I was worried they wouldn't see me since I'm not already a patient of Mayo & it can be hard anymore to get in to Mayo if you've not been to one of their outlying clinics. The 1st appt they had was the beginning of Sept. My neuro told me it could be up to 6 months, so all in all not bad. I am going to call the assorted Drs I've seen & get copies of assorted medical files so I can bring that info with me.

I am thinking I may need to see someone regarding pain before then. My neuro said if I needed anything to make an appt, but I don't want to waste her time on something that my PCP should be able to handle. I tried taking some vicodin I had left over & it's really helped this past week. I'm only taking the tiniest of doses. I have 5/500 ones & I'm taking 1/4th of a pain 1-2x per day. So it's not like I'm super drug seeking here, I'd be looking for 30 pills to tide me over til Sept. I do worry however that my sucky PCP will not accept the word of my neuro & decide I don't have EDS & just send me for PT. I am not doing PT/OT until I have a firm dx of EDS so I can tell them what I can & can't do so I don't damage myself. I don't know, maybe I'll call on Monday & see if who I feel I should call.

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