Friday, June 20, 2008

Numb Pinkie & An At-Home Sleep Study

Well my left pinkie has been numb for days now. Well not truly numb, it's pins & needles like when you sit in the movie theater for a long, long time & your legs are all cattywhompus. It's been going on for days & nothing makes it go away, it's starting to drive me batty. If it's not better by Tuesday or Wednesday I'm gonna call the neuro & see what she suggests.

Last night I picked up my O2 monitor for my home sleep study. Was just a little dealie I wore on my wrist with a dealie that went on my finger to watch my O2 levels & heart rate. I really don't think I have apenea, but if we can rule that out maybe we can work on what is causing me to be so tired. On an aside it was neat to watch it change when I rolled over. My O2 (while I was awake) was 96-98 & my heartrate was 65-75. When I would roll over it would jump up to 95-or so & then when I got up from bed in the morning it hopped all the way up to 113. Wonder if that's related to my dizzy spells when I get up. It dropped right back down once I was standing for a moment, so I doubt it's anything.

Oh, I ordered some lightly tinted glasses, I am finding that computer glare & bright sun is bothering me more & more, but my sunglasses are too dark to use sometimes so these are 1/2 way between. Fingers crossed they work well. They should be here end of next week or soon there after.

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