Saturday, August 28, 2010

What's new?

Nothing crazy, but a lot of tiny things. I had my birthday & got some wonderful gifts. My roommate got me a pair of shoes & a small sculpture I was longing for.
My new shoesLooking for her home

My mom & dad both sent cash, so some of that went towards some new glasses (which should be here in a 2-4 weeks), about 1/2 of it went towards the tattoo savings fund & the rest went towards this
Knitting Machine
I found it at the thrift store & everything in the photo came with it, all for $35 + tax. I will need to get a sponge bar for it & figure out how to use it as I know nothing about machine knitting.

I finished the hat I was working on

Master J's Hat w/Brim FoldedMaster J's Hat
I suck at blocking hats & I think it shows here. I do love how it came out looking like stripes, I adore this hat!

I went down to the farmer's market & found the most perfect tomato ever! I don't eat tomatoes & even I want a bite of this one.
Yummy Tomato
It's more purple than the photo shows & it's really juicy. It was called a something purple or a purple something. I can't recall, all these heirloom tomatoes have funky names & I can't keep them straight.

Got some garlic too, look at these nummy things
Garlic from the farmer's market

So that's what's new here.

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