Wednesday, August 18, 2010


When we first moved in to this home back in Feb we did so in stages. So for the first month we only had about 1/2 of out possessions & it was so wonderful to live so uncluttered. Once we got everything in here I decided I didn't want to live this cluttered anymore. I've been going through things & tossing out a kitchen sized garbage bag full of junk every other week & I have to confess it feels good getting the junk gone. I've done a few runs to the Salvation Army to drop off as well & plenty of things got tossed in the recycling bin as well. My goal is by this time next year to have about 1/2 of the possessions I own now.

I even got rid of a ton of books which if you've met me might shock the hell out of you. I am hoping to get rid of even more of them. I'd like to keep the series that I re-read often, plus the ones I've read to near tatters. Of course I'll keep a lot of my knitting books, but even some of those could be pared down.

Which brings me to yarn, I've 171 that aren't involved in any projects. I've no problem having a lot of yarn, but I would like to stash down a tiny bit. I'm buying 12 skeins off a friend who's doing a destash, but it's sweater quantity & I'd like a few more sweater quantities. What I'd like to reduce is the oddball single skeins.

I am surprised at the amount of uselessness I own. I had taxes from when I was 21, pretty sure one doesn't need taxes from that far back. I had bills from when my daughter was born, those I'm going to scan in & if she wants to have them to see what she cost she can. I am going to send my marriage licence to my son, he was the only benefit to the whole thing so maybe he'll think it's nifty.

I am planning on taking pictures of some of this stuff & scanning others in so I can still look at the stuff, but there is no way I need the physical item anymore. I'm kind of a packrat so wish me luck!

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