Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Saga of The Red Hat

This is a long & sad story. I got this beautiful yarn in a swap on Rav
Pretty isn't it? I think it was my most coveted yarn in my stash. I wanted to make the perfect hat from it so I hunted for ages til I found the 16 Cable Hat & of all the slouchy hats it's the best one (that might be opinion rather than fact).

So I start knitting it up.
It was crocking like mad, but I figured it was just due to it being red & wasn't as bad as it seemed so I kept knitting along.

I got done with it & snapped a shot before I washed it.
Then I gave it a quick wash with some vinegar to set the color, you'd be shocked how much dye just poured out of this hat! It stained the pot, my sink was dark hot pink (I was able to scrub it out with BonAmi). This is the hat still wet after a few tries to set the color.

Yeah, doesn't even look like the same hat does it? I tried a few more times to set the color & kept failing.

Pretty hat for sure, but not the colors I wanted at all. I then gave it a bath with some OyxClean to see if that would help since it's not like it could get worse.
It's not properly blocked in this shot, sorry. It's still pouring out color & I'm not sure what to try now.

I do need to say the dyer was awesome when I told her what was happening. Best guess is this is just a dud skein. She was happy to refund my $ when she saw photos & I've got more of her yarn & would shop there again without hesitation. Often with smaller shops you either get people who just blow you off when you lodge a complaint or you get awesome people & she totally falls in to that group. There is no way for me to stress enough this was a fluke cursed hat & not the fault of the dyer.

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