Saturday, September 4, 2010

Owl Hats for Everyone!

So I'm kinda on a hat kick again, but this time it's Owl hats. Isn't that the best hat pattern? (Answer: Yes, yes it is.) I made a newborn version using DK weight & it's so cute (not blocked yet, sorry).
Baby Owl Hat

I've cast-on another one in the adult size already, I love this hat.

I have been working on the blue sweater for a bit & I am doing a few mods on it; doing M1s instead of YOs for the raglan & no puffy sleeves. Well I was knitting along & had marked up my pattern to change those two things & was blindly knitting. One spot called for 2 rows of purls on the shoulder to help the shoulder sit better with the puffy arm going on. I knit them & then realized they'd look like crap with the flat sleeves so I dropped my stitches & picked them up again across both shoulders & they came out great! I was sure I'd mess up & have to frog the whole thing & start over.
Fixing my sweater

Fixing my sweater

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