Thursday, October 21, 2010

What I've been knitting lately

Owl Hat
A Who Hat for the roommate, it's made with Stitch & Bitch line of yarn & is the bamboo blend one.

Damn Bella Mittens
Some Bella Mittens for a dear friend who loves the Twilight crap. I'm running behind on them, but they will be done before the snow falls & that's the important part.

Blanket Square for Patience Ann
I just finished up this blanket square for a dear sweet woman who lost her husband suddenly. My heart breaks for her & I hope this blanket helps her feel the hugs from all of us knitters in the computer who are thinking of her & sending her love.

I also finished up a hat for my dad's wife & am still chugging along with the blue sweater as well as the red one.


  1. You are insanely talented. I feel like an artistic moron when I look at this stuff. These are gorgeous.

  2. Yeah, but you can dance a thousand circles around me, so it's pretty even.

    Actually I could teach you pretty quick I bet, even over the net.