Monday, October 25, 2010

The Girl

My daughter is 5 & we've known for some time she's a bit different than other kids her age. We've known for years really. I finally decided that it would be best to get an evaluation to see if she's just really quirky or if she's got something more clinical going on. Our state has these early childhood evaluations they do so I chose to start there. They listened to the concerns I had, talked to her old pre-school (who saw the same issues) & are doing a follow-up tomorrow here at the house. They will do a more in depth study of her history & then watch her play & ask her questions.

I have been homeschooling her, but I'm wondering if she need a more rigidly structured program than I can offer. (I am undiagnosed ADD, so it's just about impossible for me to design & stick to a highly structured program.) Her old pre-school called & they had an opening because a child moved. They've worked with her for the last 2 years & are very used to her issues. I am really glad she can go back there again this year. It's 3 days a week for 3 hours. We will still be doing kinder at home so she'll remain on the same grade level if she ever does go "real" school.


  1. Good luck with the evaluations. I know I am ADD too. I KNOW one of my kids is also (not ADHD - just ADD), but neither of us have been diagnosed. We joke about it a lot though. Helps to know we have each other in the family, sometimes we just look at each other and say - "that's just the way our brains work." Let me know how it turns out.

  2. We got her results & it's ASD (which I kinda figured it would be). The psychologist said she may be ADHD as well or it may just be a manifestation of the ASD as that often is the case.