Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baby Things

I've 2 babies I'm knitting for & both their moms read this blog so it will be picture free on the baby stuff for a bit. What I did want to say about baby stuff is how much fun it is & how cute the things are. I am loving the one item I'm doing that's got feather & fan in it. Between it being tiny & it being f&f it's going super fast. It's also a nice break from the hats.

On that note here are 2 of the hats I've finished up in the last few days.
Green Cable HatCloudy Grey Hat

I will have to write the saga of the cute red cabled hat I'd been working on another day. It's still to emotional at this point. Short story the color bled horribly when I washed it & I tried to set the color then & failed. Ugh!

On a sad note I haven't been to knitting in almost a month. Week one they were going to see a band in the park & I really didn't want to go see that, week two was a migraine & week 3 I opened the door to walk down & it was like hot pea soup instead of air & I just couldn't face an almost mile walk in that. So fingers crossed I can get my ass there this week!

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