Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bee in My Bonnet

You ever get a bee in your bonnet about a yarn or a project? It's got to just be like it in in your head & then you've no clue where to find that yarn or that pattern? Well I wanted to knit a hat for my mom's friend's husband (can you follow that?) & I knew I wanted it to be Carolina Panther's colors. Well I don't have a yarn store in my town & not living in a Carolina I'd no clue where to find one of their official items so I could make sure the color matched right.

Was talking about this on Rav & lo & behold Lorna's Laces make a color called Panther Pride. Now best I can tell this wasn't a widely distributed color, but there was a shop called Charlotte Yarn & rumor had it they might have some in stock. So I called & they didn't have any on the sales floor, but with this being summer time & it being thick wool they thought there might be some in the back. About 15-20 minutes later I got a call & they had it! In worsted & bulky, we decided on the bulky since it's superwash & a bit softer. This store was staffed with the sweetest, most helpful staff you could ever wish to have help you.

I got 2 skeins & they yardage is nice so I should be able to either make a hat & mitten or a nice scarf for Jim. Will have to go hunt up the perfect pattern now!

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