Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's hot!

Today the weather is going to be 90° out & I have no a/c. The air is wet & humid too, this sucks. When we moved here we knew the a/c was old, around 20 years old so we hopped that it would last a year or two & we would save the $ for a new one. Well 3rd or 4th hot day it died. We went & found the manual & it turns out it's 31 years old! I can not believe an a/c could run that long. It's a Lennox & when we can afford a new one I'll be checking them out first.

My roommate's dad knew someone who was getting a new a/c & he's an HVAC tech so we bought his old unit &he's going to put it in today. Fingers crossed it goes in well.

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