Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Types of Blogs

There really are 4 types of blogs. Type one is the most common & it's the ones that are selling you something, maybe it's contests, maybe it's reviews, maybe it's your favorite author, but all in all they are marketing to you so you'll spend money. Type 2 is also pretty common, but no one out side of a small circle give a shit about it, that the family blog. The ones that are written so grandma on the other side of the country doesn't feel like she's missing out on her grandson's first steps & stuff like that. The 3rd type is the information blog, the one that is educating you & broadening your mind. The 4th type is what I think mine falls in to, it the craft/twee/photo/hobby blog. It's the one that wants to talk about & show off something they've made. Sometimes when I talk about the medical issues my daughter & I have we scoot over in to the information blog & that's the type I meant to write when I started at this. Then I learned to knit & starting play around at photography (while I am getting to be a damn good knitter, I do still kinda suck a photography).

I don't know that there was a point to this post, but it was just bumbling around in my head that no matter how many different flavors of blogs I read they really all boil down in to 4 categories.


  1. My Pretty Nameless is pretty much type 4, the random thoughts and rants, the "my kid rocks because..." posts, and the endless obsession with Ken Jennings. I just started another Type 1 blog, Pretty Opintionated, not so much to get people to buy stuff, but to get people to give me free stuff. I have affiliate stuff up on it, but I don't expect to make money on it. I just like getting free stuff to review and give away. I started the second one because I didn't want the first one to get bogged down in "hey, try this awesome yogurt!" posts.

  2. Ack! I can't edit and I made a typo! It's Pretty Opinionated, not whatever weird word I just typed.

  3. Well you do have posts from time to time that fall in the 3rd category. You're always teaching me what stupid thing I ought to be pissed about!