Monday, February 28, 2011

I've been robbed! (or maybe not)

This morning I had to get up about 3 hours ealier than normal to go to the worst doctor's appt ever (hell will freeze over before I see that woman again). Then my very tired self gets back home to get the child ready for a day at school. Whilst doing that the mail comes, I trot out to the box & grab it. In the mail is that letter from the bank, you know that one that lets you know that you bounced a check.

As there should have been around $75 in my account after all of my outstanding stuff cleared I was freaked out. I go check online & there are 2 transactions that I totally did not make on my account to the tune of $129. I call the bank & my acct is frozen & an investigation is begun. I call my roommate & she has me check her acct too just to make sure there's nothing amiss there. Her acct is fine & I send her the info related to the transactions & then the mystery is solved.

She paid 2 of her bills from my acct by mistake. Upside is my acct wasn't jacked; downside we're out the bounce fees & we have to drive an hour away to go in in person to un-freeze my acct.



  1. Okay. Why is it this easy for roomie to pay bills out of YOUR account. Not good. I would not allow that much freedom in my business. Just my opinion

  2. She's one of my very best friends & we've been roommates for almost a decade. We also use the same bank so it was actually an easy mistake to make. She's paying all the fees related to it & replaced all the money within a few hours of us having spotted the error.

    Now if this was a random roommate I met of Craigslist or something I'd agree with you 120%!